Mumble – free voice chat application designed especially for gamers. It lets you host your own server, create and manage game and team channels as well as record your voice chatting. By downloading Mumble, you get a high quality of audio and noise/echo reduction feature.

Mumble is a perfect solution for gaming. It configures your devices to provide a superior audio quality almost without your participation. Only the minimum actions are needed from you. Mumble will do everything else.

Key features:


  • Outstanding voice quality;
  • Echo and noise reduction;
  • Text-to-speech feature;
  • Access control list for users;
  • Make player’s voice come from the place where the game character is.





Mumble is lightweight and convenient. As soon as you install Mumble on your PC, you are given the option to connect to existing servers or create your own channel. This will enable you chatting with your friends without interruption. It does not take long to connect with chat servers and Mumble developers did their best to make the work of this application as flawless as possible so do not worry about losing connection or sudden interruption of session.

All in all, Mumble is one of the best programs for voice chatting while playing. The application runs silently and does not cause any glitches. Download Mumble free-of-charge and talk to your game buddies without limits!

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